Wants to share Wife....

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Curious MWM and has fantasies of sharing the wife. Gets her off in the pillow talk but to date has not taken it out of the bedroom. Would also love to have a hot wife with my wife watching and joining in, Have foot fetish and love being kinky, Love hot milfs and wife's. Love all submissions and love talking to all that live the life and would love to share stores and give ideas

hotwifesuziebaby-deactivated201 said: Am new to this so thanks in advance. So your talking about it, but how would you feel if it really happened. The jealousy, and worrying if she still respects you, or replaces you both in her mind and bed. Or is it just me.

that is really a thought…I do wonder about that….but tell me if your wife is truly a hot wife…how did you deal with it?  Im not into cucking either but would wonder how hot it would be to share her


My wife slowly pulls my boxers down and strokes my rock hard cock as she kisses my mate. I see her hand reach down to his cock and as she begins wanking him, he squeeze her tit…things are getting hot and sweaty…

mmmm Hot….